What We Can Do Right Now About the Coronavirus

A painful but necessary decision taken for the good of the community and to give a firm and clear answer in this moment of great confusion and concern. We have complied with the decrees of the Municipality of Naples, the Campania Region and the Italian Government by observing all regulations and indications scrupulously and with commitment.

We stop for a few days* for you, for us, for the good of all.

The only way to slow down the infection and avoid the worst is to reduce, if not avoid, social contacts. And we want to do our part! We have a duty to put the health of everyone, including our guests, before the logic of profit. We are all called to behaviors of responsibility and civic conscience. Only united will this battle be won and we hope that many others will join us.

We will soon reopen our holiday home even more enthusiastically to offer our guests the best possible stay experience in Naples.

*until April 13 the entire country is on lockdown.

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