At check-in all guests are registered (even children) so do not forget to bring with you all the ID cards/Passports.


Under the article 109 of TULPS (Testo unico delle leggi di pubblica sicurezza), the operators of tourist accommodations have the duty to transmit to the authorities information about the public hosted. It must be done within 24 hours after the arrival of the Guests. The process must be completed online through the official portal of the State Police.
For more information, see this page about Police Headquarters on the official website of Police.


By council deliberation n.20 of June 21, 2012, the City Council of Napoli levies a tax on overnight stays, in hotel and non-hotel accommodations. It is paid per person (older than 14 yo) and per night, up to a maximum of 14 consecutive nights. For CAV case e appartamenti per vacanze, the rate of the tax is 3,00 €. The tax is paid by Guests, but collected by Hosts and remitted to the City.
You can find information on stay tax on this page at the official website of the City of Napoli. 


Check-in is anytime after 3PM and check out by 10AM

Always obey all local laws and regulations, particularly those relating to the Municipal Police.

Please always use common sense.

The stay is reserved to the guests indicated in the booking. No extra guests or visits without permission. Monitored by outdoor security camera.

Upon arrival and before departing the house and furniture will be inspected for any damage. Any damage must be reimbursed before leaving.

Please pay attention to the keys. Should you lose them, you will be charged for the replacement of the entrance door lock.

Animals are not allowed.

Smoking is not permitted in any room of the house.

Breakfast is not included. The kitchen is fully equipped and you may use it to prepare your meals during yourstay. Please ensure to always clean the kitchen after you cook. Meals may be consumed only in the kitchen. You are responsible for washing cutlery after use and for the daily cleaning of the house, kitchen sink, hobs and cooking area.

Sheets and towels are changed and the apartment is cleaned upon check-out of the guests.

The heating and air conditioning systems must be used reasonably. Please turn them off before leaving the house and shut the windows when you use them. Under the law of the City of Naples (Band C), heating may be use from 22 November to 23 March, subject to climatical variations. The heater must be set to a maximum temperature of 19 C° + 2 C° and cannot be switched on for more than 9 hours per day. The air conditioning don’t must be set lower than 24 C°.

Always shut the windows and the entrance door when leaving the house.

Do not throw in the toilet and sinks anything that may obstruct the water pipes. In case a repairman needs to be contacted, you will be charged the full amount of his service.

Waste must be sorted and thrown away regularly as indicated on the calendar. All rubbish must be thrownaway before check-out.

You are responsible for the goodkeeping of the house, furniture and of all objects contained in it.

It is not allowed to rearrange furniture and stain sheets, furniture or walls because of negligence.

It is strictly forbidden to change the settings or in any way tamper with the boiler, the thermostat, the electricity, water and gas meters or any other appliance in the house.

We are not liable for any possible accidents, robberies, damages to people or objects only in reason of their happening within the property.