5 most romantic places in Naples

The atmosphere, the landscapes, the dinner at the restaurants on the promenade, Naples is certainly one of the most romantic cities in the world. So let’s see the 5 most romantic places where you can comfortably spend your special moments with your partner, or give your first neapolitan kiss.

Gaiola and Virgilian Park

Gaiola, magical and mysterious. A fabulous natural scenery where a small island rises. In the past it was called “Euplea”, protector of safe navigation, and safe haven.
The origins of Gaiola are really ancient: they date back to Roman times, when it was inhabited by Publio Pollione il Vecchio. From the impressive free beach, along some stairs, you can enter into the protected marine area of the Submarine Park of Gaiola, where from the sand you pass to a less soft and rocky scenery.                                The Virgilian Park was built under the name of Park of Victory or of Beauty. It was called Remembrances Park to commemorate the fallen of the Great War, and later Virgilian Park, in honor of the poet and legendary protector and wizard of Naples, Virgil. It extends over an area of about 92,000 m², 150 meters above sea level, on the promontory of Posillipo hill. You can access from 2 entrances: the main entrance, where you will find a newly built fountain, and from Via Tito Lucrezio Caro. The Virgilian park is characterized by a system of terraces overlooking the Gulf of Naples. You can enjoy different views: the islands of Nisida, Procida, Ischia and Capri, Vesuvius coast, Sorrento Peninsula, Trentaremi Bay with its archaeological site and the historic center of Naples.

Sant’Antonio Terrace

You can get here with the funicular of Mergellina. Just take the first stop “Sant Antonio”, in Via Orazio. Keep walking until Via Minucio Felice. Keep going on this street and prepare yourselves for the inimitable view waiting for you on the terrace, in front of the Church of Sant’Antonio a Posillipo. The ideal place fot taking some pictues, and of course for kisses.

San Martino

San Martino is another amazing place where you can have a complete view from the top of the city. You can arrive here with the Montesanto funicular. Just five minutes by walking and you will have in front of you the Belvedere. San Martino is a little square with a church and a castle, with around some shops, bar and pubs where you can have an aperitif. If you want an even better view, there are 2 possible options… but you’ll have to pay a ticket (unless it’s the first Sunday of the month). You can go up Castel Sant’Elmo or you can venture into the gardens of the Certosa of San Martino.  Anyway, from San Martino you can go down through the Pedamentina, an amazing stairway that takes you directly to the Historical Center.


Just  beyond Piazza del Plebiscito, a couple of minutes by walking, you will find the seaside. A quiet walk, without cars, perfect for romantic moments, with lots of restaurants and clubs.
The best part is just in the middle, with the Castel dell’Ovo. The castle is free entry, and it gives you, from the top, a wonderful look of the city, from the seaside. Outside the castle there is the Borgo Marinari, an ancient port with restaurants and romantic spots. If you want to walk a little bit more you have the Villa Comunale, a seafront park where you can rent rickshaws or bicycles to enjoy a classic Neapolitan sunny day.

The Lover Street

Last but not least, there is a little secret road in Via Toledo, in Via Santa Maria delle Grazie, known as La via degli innamorati (Lover Street). Is a narrow street, full of hearts and writes, that cuts all the old part of the city. It’s usual for the couples stop in front to take a selphie photo or cross it hand by hand.